My name is Jon Stark. My friends call me Jonny Boy. I have been a winter-sports enthusiast for over 30 years.

In 1996, I sketched a design for an adaptive tool, called the Sno-Wing, on a paper napkin. I had few ideas at the time that there would be so many benefits for so many challenged users--including my wife. At the time, my wife was experiencing visual disturbances.

In an effort to help my wife and myself with the awkward and physically challenging task of learning to snow-board, I developed the Sno-Wing.

The goal of the Sno-Wing is to make your first experiences of snowboarding or skiing SAFE, FUN, and ENJOYABLE!

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The Sno-Wing was patented in 1998. Since receiving the patent, the Sno-Wing has been supplied to winter sport schools around the globe and is currently being used by a variety of challenged students.

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